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To perform the Ensemble needs only 9 m² (naturally more if it is possible) and 4 chairs on the stage. Because only acoustic instruments are being used, no further electronic amplification is necessary in good acoustic conditions.

For Open - Air - Concerts 6 microphones are needed for instrumental amplification and another two for vocals.


The repertoire of the Ensemble includes classic Russian folk music especially folk songs, romantics and Cossack songs and will contain nearly 4 hours of music. Most commonly are played the arrangements made by Viktor Skriptchenko.

Program example

Part 1

1. My old boots instrumental
2. Oh, you wide steppe voice: A. Goncharowa
3. I heard the bells voice: A. Goncharowa
4. The girl Nadja instrumental
5. Stanka Rasin voice: A. Rostov
6. My darling voice: A. Rostov
7. Wolinka instrumental
8. The fires are burning voice: A. Goncharowa
9. Black eyebrows voice: A. Goncharowa
10. Bells in the evening instrumental
11. Foggy morning voice: A. Rostov
12. Black eyes voice: A. Rostov
13. Korobuschka instrumental
14. Grasses, my grasses voice: A. Goncharowa
15. Young cossack voice: A. Goncharowa

Part 2

1. Romance instrumental
2. Tschubtschik voice: A. Rostov
3. Gipsies voice: A. Rostov
4. I met you duo: V Skriptchenko / V.Pisarenko
5. Scerzo duo: V Skriptchenko / V.Pisarenko
6. J. S. Bach: Toccata and Fugue d-moll solo: A. Danko
7. Concertinas solo: V. Skriptchenko
8. Fascinating eyes voice: A. Goncharowa
9. I am a countrygirl voice: A. Goncharowa
10. Ural dance instrumental
11. Maple tree voice: A. Rostov
12. The long way voice: A. Rostov
13. Moonlight instrumental
14. Kalinka voice: A. Goncharowa / A. Rostow
15. Nights in Moscow voice: A. Goncharowa / A. Rostow

Musical concept

By using traditional and romantic folk songs, the Ensemble composes advanced arrangements under the leadership of its conductor. These are so elaborate that no sequence is repeated. During a concert, the continuous alternation of the main solo parts of various instruments provides the artists with the opportunity to rapidly exchange their instruments. Ultimately, this enables them to create the impression of a larger ensemble.

Accordingly, traditional folk - music is performed alongside charming countryside humor. Nevertheless it is arranged and performed on an advanced musical level, by highly qualified and musically well educated artists.

Members and Instruments

The Ensemble unites a group of well selected first class artists. These artists distinguish themselves from most other Cossack-Ensembles that one usually encounters on the Western-European music market, by their authentic "Donic" origin. Each artist owns a membership passport of the Doncossack - Association, as well as a conservatory musical degree. They are well known in expert -Russian folklore circles.

Andrey Rostov: Baritone
examination at the University Rostov
Soloist of the St. Petersburg Opera

Alexandra Gontcharowa: Mezzo Soprano (folk voice)
examination at the University of Art Moscow,
"Deserved Artist of Russian Federation"

Viktor Skriptchenko: Balalaika-Prima, Concertinas, Shaleika
examination at the University Saratov
“Deserved Manager of culture of Russian Federation"

Anatoliy Pogorelskich: Domra-Prima, Domra-Old, recorders, Shaleikas
examination at the University of Art Voronezh

Alexander Danko: accordion
examination at the University of Art Rostov

Valeriy Pisarenko: Balalaika-Contrabass, guitar
examination at the University of Art Poltava

Lidia Skriptchenko: Gusli (Key-Harp), Domra-Old, Violin

examination at the University of Taganrog

Danil Skriptchenko: Percussion, Gudok, Viola
examination at the University of Taganrog

Audio records:
1) Ach, du weite Steppe
Ach, du weite Steppe
2) Kalinka
3) Wanjuscha

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