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Donkosaken-Balalaika-Ensemble Viktor Skriptchenko

Under the leadership of the orchestra-conductor Viktor Skriptchenko are singing - in their own arrangements accompanied with the Six-Person-Ensemble – Andrey Rostov, soloist of the Opera of St. Petersburg, and the folk voice Alexandra Gontcharowa Russian folk songs, Cossack songs and romantics.

At the instrumental parts you may expect ironical accents and amazing Russian folk instruments, for instance very small concertinas and other absolutely unexpected jokes in this kind of world music. Forget about depressive lonely calling bells over fields with snow, dead Tsar Family and so on! Modern Doncossack are coming from South-Europe and like to perform some intelligent jokes.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Balalaika-Ensemble of Viktor Skriptchenko is one of the best in this kind of music. Only Orchestras like the Moscow and St. Petersburg Orchestras and probably two or three Ensembles yet unknown in the western hemisphere could achieve the same leading - voices - Ensemble qualities.

At the last united Russian competition organized by the Russian Ministry of Culture for folk Ensembles in 1990 the Skriptchenko Ensemble won the 1. Place. According to the attending specialists in the jury, no other competing Ensemble reached this kind of quality.

In 1991 the Ensemble joined the legendary Folk Music Festival "Slavic Bazaar" as the only Balalaika-Ensemble with the Balalaika orchestras of the big towns on the main stage in the first hall of the Moscow Kremlin. That shows that this Band is somewhat more exclusive than other folk - bands.

Viktor Skriptchenko is not only one of the most renown Balalaika-virtuosos, but also one of the best orchestra-conductors of Russia. In honor for his extraordinary performances he was decorated with an award for "Outstanding Cultural Contribution to the Russian Federation" by President Boris Jelzin on the 6th January 1994.

So you may find in this Ensemble a formation of musicians that is just as carefully handpicked than in most prestigious Orchestras.

Looking forward to your interest and hope for a good co-operation in the future. For questions about prices and other formalities please contact us.

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